Divisive new bus service in Milton Keynes reaches 20,000 journeys in just two months

This unconventional new bus service has split opinion in its first two months.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 4:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 4:44 pm

The divisive MK Connect service has completed 20,000 journeys, just two months after launching in April.

The service replaced many more conventional Arriva bus lines throughout Milton Keynes allowing customers to book pickups rather than waiting at bus stops.

The smaller vehicles can be booked via a phone application and complete drop offs, they are not beholden to specific routes like your typical bus.

MK Connect

It is hoped this different kind of bus service will offer a greener way to get around Milton Keynes, 50% of buses on this service are carbon free.

The service has been used by 2,000 different residents in Milton Keynes.

Older users contacted the MK Citizen last month, outlining struggles to use the service dependent on modern technology, one woman said: "Download the app you say? Many people do not have a smartphone or understand apps! You have to go online to get the phone number again lots of people don’t have internet."

Others informed the Citizen that they were enjoying the new bus service's ability to drop them closer to where they needed to go, saving them time on their journeys. Drop off points are expected to be within 400 metres of a customer's request at least.

The MK Connect service currently accounts for 10% of all bus journey's in Milton Keynes. Currently, the service is used by around 600 customers per day.

Councillor Jenny Wilson-Marklew said: “MK Connect is proving to be an increasingly popular way for people to get around the city. We’re pleased with how the new service has integrated with existing commercial routes, so only journeys that can no longer be made by bus are being transferred to MK Connect.

“As a frequent user of the service myself, I know MK Connect is providing a much more efficient and cleaner way to travel for our residents.”

For more information about MK Connect, and instructions on how to download the app is available on Via's website. Via, is the shared ride service which oversees the operation in Milton Keynes.