Liverpool game set to be the biggest in MK Dons' history

Season ticket holders queued around the Marshalls Areaa this morning to get their hands on tickets for MK Dons' Carabao Cup clash with Liverpool.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 1:38 pm
Fans pose with Dons chairman Pete Winkelman after buying their Liverpool tickets

While tickets could be bought online, hundreds of fans gathered at Stadium MK to be the among the first to secure their seats for the hotly anticipated game against the European champions later this month.

READ HOW TO GET YOUR TICKETS TO MK DONS VS LIVERPOOLDons chairman Pete Winkelman met with fans as they waited in the lines, and posed for pictures ahead of what he believes will be the biggest game in the club's history.

"You get excited when it's one of the top six – we've got the European champions, so it doesn't come bigger than that!" he told the Citizen. "We're playing one of the biggest teams at their hottest point – so it's probably the biggest game.

Fans pose with Dons chairman Pete Winkelman after buying their Liverpool tickets

"We'll never forget Manchester United, and the wonder of that evening. It's like a dream but it was one of those moments that made me realise what an amazing thing it is to have football here. It will be one of those occasions again – maybe not the win! - but certainly the occasion and a full house of people cheering our team on.

"The queues from season ticket holders are around past the arena, and it's great to see, and it's a warm feeling for me after two tough seasons. Nothing is god given, you have to go and get everything, so to still have that support and reward them with a tie like this is what gives me bounce in my step."

One of Dons' first big Premier League opponents came in the form of Tottenham back in October 2006. And after games against Burnley, Southampton, Bournemouth, Manchester United and Chelsea to name but a few, the excitement is still there for Winkelman.

He said: "Maybe even more – I think it's a much bigger game because it's at Stadiu-m MK, but I also now realise how infrequent these days are. Another ball comes out with a different number and it's a different game. If anything, I value them more now."