Sex toy inventor from Milton Keynes hacks Amazon smart speaker for something unspeakable

An amateur sex toy inventor from Milton Keynes has hacked an Amazon smart speaker and turned it into a voice-controlled dominatrix capable of the unspeakable.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 3:36 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:23 am
An amateur sex toy inventor from Milton Keynes has hacked an Amazon smart speaker


British engineer Gary, who kept his surname anonymous in an interview with Endgadget, created his very own discipline device using parts of an electrified dog collar and an Amazon Echo Dot speaker.

Known as ‘Mistress Alexa’ the gadget administers shocks to its wearer’s genitals following a short conversation that users initiate with the phrase ‘Alexa, punish’.

Gary, who built the device for his partner Kirsty even posted a tutorial video to YouTube to help others that way inclined build their own dominatrix technologies.

Speaking to Engadget, Gary said he built the bizarre device on his dining room table in Milton Keynes.

The engineer hooked an Amazon Echo Dot to a Raspberry Pi - a simple motherboard that is popular among amateur coders which was then attached to an Arduino hardware controller that was wired to the handheld remote control of a pet-shop electric shock collar designed for dogs.

Gary stripped the business end of the collar down and incorporated its electrodes into a pair of pink, plastic clamps.

The 3D-printed clamps administer shocks when it hears the phrase ‘Alexa, punish’, the device’s AI initiates a dialogue tree to determine the punishment for its wearer.

Gary’s invention has attracted national and even international attention since being featured in Endgadget which claims Gary and his partner have become minor celebrities in their local kink scene often being approached with requests for help in building their own sex toy devices.