Beauty myths: 13 of the biggest misconceptions debunked

While we might all have a beauty regime we swear by, there are plenty of tall tales and so-called miracle fixes floating around that can send us panic-buying a bunch of products we don't really need.

Does crossing your legs give you varicose veins? Can wrinkles really be erased?

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Here are 13 of the most common beauty myths debunked, so you won't be tripped up in the future.

Facial exercises will tighten your skin

While exercise certainly strengthens and tones muscles, facial yoga won't do anything to tighten the skin or prevent it from sagging.

Repetitive muscle contraction can also lead to further collagen breakdown, causing the skin to stretch rather than tighten.

Creams will get rid of cellulite

While some suggest that rubbing in anti-cellulite cream will rid you of those unwanted lumps and bumps, there is no miracle product that will banish it for good.

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While some lotions can help to improve the appearance of the skin, such as those containing caffeine, these only offer a temporary fix.

Applying cocoa butter will prevent stretch marks

Unfortunately no cream can prevent the formation of stretch marks as they are formed below the top layer of skin, so products like cocoa butter cannot be absorbed deeply enough to make any difference.

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Crossing your legs gives you varicose veins

Despite being widely believed, there is no evidence to suggest crossing your legs will give you varicose veins.

This is far more likely to be caused from standing up for long periods each day.

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It can also be a result of other uncontrollable factors such as genetics, height and age.

A 'base tan' will protect against sunburn

Having an existing tan won't keep you safe from sun damage, so be sure to apply plenty of sun cream to ensure your skin is well protected when exposed to ultra-violet rays.

Wrinkles can be erased

Anti-ageing creams might sound like a miracle cure, but despite their lofty claims of removing unwanted wrinkles, it just isn't true.

Retinoid skin creams can boost the production of collagen, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but these products won't rid you of them completely.

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Cutting you hair will make it grow faster

While ridding your hair of damaged split ends does make it feel and look thicker and healthier, regular hair cuts won't make your locks grow back any quicker - that's simply down to treating it well.

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Oil shouldn't be used on oily skin

It may seem logical to avoid using oils if you have oily skin, but using the right oil-based product will not only ensure your skin remains moisturised and hydrated, it can also help to balance your complexion.

You can 'open' and 'close' your pores

Pores are not muscles so they cannot be opened and closed by the likes of hot water and steam, although this can help to clean them out and make blackheads easier to extract.

Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker

Your hair may feel as though it's more coarse and thick after taking a razor to it, but this is because it's been cut at the widest part, resulting in that stubbly feel.

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Waxing makes hair grow back thinner

Waxing does damage the hair follicle leading to short-term thinning, but this is only temporary and will return to its regular thickness around two to three months after.

Acne will be outgrown

Acne may be thought of as a problem restricted to teenagers, but it can affect people well into adulthood and is a result of hormones, rather than age.

Toothpaste can banish spots

Applying toothpaste to spots will dry them out and the antibacterial properties can help to reduce inflammation, but it won't banish them completely.

And since toothpaste is so drying, this can cause the skin to overproduce oil as a result - which can then lead to further breakouts.

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